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While our adventurers make there way to the desert in search of treasure, and holy quests, some meet in Calimsport. While one rests in the Adventurers guild, others search out the temple, and 3 humped camel, in the desert. While finding shelter under a large rock, the cleric finds a magical augment under the sand and dispelled it, collapsing a large section of a dungeon underneath. After finding the temple, and returning 3 to 5 times, the party finds that the temple is simply an entrance way to the same dungeon. Couple of the members staying at the inn in Calimsport bore witness to a lava ooze attack to the town leveling most of the trade district and forcing the party into the desert. After finding rings and repairing a small section of the collapsed area, they try on the rings and are transported to a door in the middle of nowhere. After opening the door they find themselves in an alien city surrounded by thing beyond the comprehension of our adventurers. Some things look familiar, like inns and shops, but others are too alien for words. Removing the rings send our adventurers back to the main room of the dungeon. Joined by a Halfling monk and an Halforc Ranger, who where stuck in the void in the ring for 50 years, the halfling cleric, dwarven fighter, halfelven bard and the elven druid begin to explore the doors to the east of the collapsed area. Entering a goblin stronghold, slaughtering an elite guard i there sleep and killing the kings right hand man Hammerfist, after he killed the ranger that is, the ranger was reincarnated into Hammerfist’s body. While confusing the goblins a bit when there boss attacks them gave the party a bit of an advantage. With a few goblin corpses laying around the other goblins sound the alarms and swarm to protect the king. With no elite guards and Hammerfist’s capture, and possession, the goblins of the holy empire stand guard ready to fight any form of intruder. So there they where, 68 goblins ageist our poor adventurers, but due to the cramped fighting quarters and the weakened army, the party slew all the goblins and proceeded to the kings room. After threatening the king, the party finds out that the king is a shapshifter and forms a shaky alliance, convinces the party to head north and kill the bugbear armys that once fought wars with the golbins, and to slay the heathen goblins to the east. After a short rest and shopping spree, the party sets out to explore the rooms north of the goblin empire. Fighting howler beasts that are feasting on the dead goblin army they make there way to the bugbear stronghold. Discovering a secret door in the wall and entering they find the old retired leader of the bugbears and the wise bugbear known as healer. Learning the truth about the dungeon and its origins, the party finds a new quest before them in this dungeon. Forming an alliance with the bugbears and learning the truth about the goblins the party returns to the goblin king and depose him. Making quick work of the weak king the party find themselves resting again in their new stronghold, the Holy Goblin Empire.

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